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The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Florals

Lets talk about FLORALS & COVID

Flowers are usually one of the main decorative pieces in wedding and reception dcor. 

Did you know that the bridal bouquet dates back to antiquity where brides carried herbs and spices to help ward off bad spirits?  In Victorian times the floral bouquet was popularized.  Many believe that the bouquet helped cover body odor since baths were not a part of regular hygiene as they are today.

Today bouquets arent the only floral accessory you will find at a wedding or reception.  Flowers are also used to decorate altars, wedding arches, reception tables, head tables, photo backdrops and more.

Flower Crops Affected by COVID

With the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, just like many businesses, flower farmers were negatively impacted by the pandemic.  Many farmers had to shut their companies and farms down, losing their crops, and even planting a smaller crop with the anticipation of continued lockdowns for 2021.

What does that mean for weddings/receptions?  You can expect to see that in the next year floral prices will increase.  Why is this important?  Flowers usually make up 10-12% of a couples wedding budget, but with increased pricing, this could mean it eats into your budget even more, leaving less money for other items that are necessary for your day.

What can you do to plan for the potential rising costs?

  1. Consider faux flowers for your floral needs vendors such as Fauxtastic Floral Creations offer floral design for your event needs in both fresh AND faux creations.  These florals are professional designed and made, AND you get to keep your items (or rent them) for reuse.
  2. Change up your dcor options so that your reception centerpieces dont require as much use of floral. 
  3. Choose florals that are easily sourced in your area local is always best, freshest, and usually cheaper than options that may require shipping from overseas or other areas
  4. Consider going old school carrying spices and herb could be a fun alternative – and maybe even count for your something old?!?
  5. Be sure to talk to floral professionals about options, your budget, and your concerns.  Remember its your day, your vision is important, and great vendors are ready to assist clients with reaching their goals within their budget BUT relaying expectations is very important.

Dont get us wrong, we LOVE to see flowers incorporated into each of our couples wedding visions and designs, but we also know how important budgets can be. 

Special thanks to the following vendors:

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