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Should You Have a Holiday Weekend Wedding?

4 Questions to Ask Your Venue First

The front entrance at Cotton Gin No. 116 decorated for Christmas.

Are you thinking about having your wedding during around a specific holiday?  It’s a great idea when family members will already be travelling and have time off from work, but did you know that holidays can mean different pricing and different hurdles to consider when booking a wedding venue?  Read below for some things to consider when planning your special day around that special time of year – and we don’t just mean Christmas time!

Pricing – Your budget will be one of your biggest concerns while planning your wedding.  Some venues charge extra fees when weddings and receptions fall on holiday weekends – be sure to ask if they have holiday rate pricing, seasonal pricing, or flat rate pricing as it may affect your decision.

Closeup of the sparklers during a grand exit at Cotton Gin No. 116.

Decorations – some venues decorate around holiday times, especially during the Christmas season.  Be sure to ask if they decorate and when decorations are put up and taken down.  Decorations can help you save money in your overall budget, BUT be sure to consider what their décor looks like and if it will go with your theme.

Hotels – If you’re selecting a venue with limited hotel availability close by, you need to consider booking your hotel block for your out of town guests quickly.  Many hotels won’t allow you to block for long periods of time when a holiday weekend is involved, because they need those rooms during holiday travel season.  Be sure to get this information out to your guests ASAP.

Centerpiece at the wedding venue, Cotton Gin No. 116, just west of Katy, Texas.

Catering – be sure to ask your caterers if they have holiday rates.  Many times it is difficult to get staff to work during the holiday season so vendors will pay them additional wages.  These get passed onto the customer in a higher rate.  No one likes to estimate a budget, and find out about a surprise fee later!

If you have planned a wedding during holiday season, comment below on things others should consider in their planning phase.  At Cotton Gin No. 116, we do raise our rates during holiday weekends.  We aim to provide superior service through affordable pricing no matter what day or time of year you choose. 

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