Venue Checklist

Katy & Houston Area Wedding Venues Checklist

We know how overwhelming venue research and selection can be.  Trust us, we’ve done it.  Venues vary in style, capacity, price point, inclusions, and so much more.  We’ve created this wedding venue comparison guide & checklist to help take a bit of stress of your planning (which is what we aim for here at Venue 116).

Download and print the Venue Comparison Guide using the form below.

Quick Tips for Selecting your Venue

1. What is Most Important to You? – Budget, date, guest count, food? – everyone has their thing, and it’s often challenging to get every single item you want, so determine what’s the most important thing first, and it will help narrow your choices.

 2. Comparison isn’t Apples to Apples! – It’s a challenge comparing venues, trust us we know!  Not all venues are alike, some offer inclusive packages, others are build your own, some hand you the keys, others have staff available.  Some offer bare bones (venue and tables) while others have more detail.  Keep in mind venue fee + catering cost + bar cost + decor as these will more than likely be constants in your planning no matter where you go – this will help narrow the focus and allow you to more easily compare venues.

3. Read Reviews – Keep in mind that not everyone that visits/rents venues leaves reviews, but those that do take the time to leave a review often have helpful feedback.  What do the reviews say about the venues you are looking into?  Compare those reviews to how you were treated on your tour – are getting a clearer picture?

4. Transparency – Transparency is SO important to us at Venue 116 and we feel like it should be important to all of our clients and visiting customers.  No matter where you book, make sure they are providing you with the full details up front.  Are there hidden fees, gratuities, or other costs that you may not be considering?  If you have to work to get the information, this can be an indication that they may be hard to work with throughout your planning and on your special day.

5. The Pressure (isn’t) On – Choosing a wedding venue is a VERY important decision, you should feel 100% confident in that decision.  Whether it’s Venue 116 or someone else – we hope that where ever you choose, the pressure isn’t on when making a decision.  Take your time, do your research, and we’re confident you’ll make the best decision for your day and your vision.  You’ll find all the answers to your questions about our offerings at our Venue and we’re happy to answer any questions or provide you with a private pressure-free tour around our availability and your schedule.