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The 4 “F’s” of Weddings: Photography

Photos, outside of the actual marriage, are the only piece of your wedding day that lasts forever youll want to be sure they capture these memories to last a lifetime. 

So with so many different options out there, how do you make a good choice?

First, consider your venue look/style. Your venue will be in almost every single photo, make sure when touring youre paying attention to the background, the photo opportunities, the walls, the ceilings, the windows, and the dcor. Ask where most people take photos, if they have favorite places or what they do to assist with photo opportunities.  Is the venue a blank canvas that will require a lot of dcor (and additional funds) to dress up for photos, or do they have locations onsite that take little to no dcor to provide a variety of beautiful backgrounds for your memories?

You dont want to be caught off guard after your wedding with photos that dont meet your expectations because of lack of photo opportunities, so be sure to bring the topic up at your venue tours.  Many experienced photographers can capture great pictures no matter what the environment they have to work with, but this experience comes at a cost. 

Second, decide what your photography budget is.  This isnt typically an area we suggest you try to cut costs.  Save that for the koozies, give-aways, gifts, etc.  Your photos will be viewed by family, friends, even your kids youll cherish those for the rest of your life. Make them count, but stay in your budget.

Heres a hint you can find photographers that are newer to the wedding scene, that take great pictures that rival those that have been in the wedding profession for years and their costs are very affordable.  Ask to see portfolios, and learn their history.  Just because they are new to shooting weddings, doesnt mean they are new to the industry.

Finally, decide your style.  Just like experience, not all photographers shoot in the same style.  Do you like the light & airy, do you like moody, do you like crisp & clear, do you like a lot of editing, not so much?  Maybe you dont know the type of style you like, but be sure to view the photographers work to decide if you like the way the pictures turned out the angles, the background, the mood. 

We have a variety of photographers that we have worked with, all with various levels of experience, and photography styles.  They know our venue well, they know what angles capture the best pictures.  Dont be afraid to ask the venue who they have worked with in the past and for pictures of weddings they have shot at the venue to give you an idea of what your forever keepsake could look like.  Remember, outside of the marriage, your photos will be the one keepsake that will last a lifetime, youll want to make sure theyre worth it!

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