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What is a Micro Wedding?

It makes sense that the popularity of micro weddings has skyrocketed given that more and more people are choosing smaller, more private celebrations. A micro wedding, which should not be confused with a “minimony” or an elopement, usually comprises no more than 50 guests. They still include the same beloved customs that make the day so special, just like their larger counterpart, but just done on a much smaller scale. There are many reasons to pursue this path, as well as a few that may cause you to reconsider. After reading this article, you should have a good idea whether a mini wedding is right for you.

Micro Wedding Pros

If you donít stand to benefit from a micro wedding, then whatís the point? Especially seeing as how there are countless advantages to holding a micro wedding instead of a traditional ceremony. Weíll discuss the price of the celebration, the reduced amount of stress, and the occasion being considerably more intimate.


Probably the most obvious reason ?couples decide on a micro wedding is the amount of money they can save. A modest guest list opens the door to a plethora of restaurants and venues that, regardless of prestige or level, will be less expensive than a larger wedding. You will also require fewer decorations, food, dining sets, invites, and so on. The amount of money that you can save all comes down to how decadent you want your festivities to be. When you take the time and plan accordingly, you can save a pretty penny by having a smaller celebration. Then you can take that Ďpretty pennyí and put that towards a honeymoon that you will never forget.

Reduction in Stress

Does simply thinking about traditional wedding planning have you breaking out in hives? Or, maybe the thought of standing up in front of so many family and friends has you shaking in your boots? Then a micro wedding could help to ease some of that stress. There should be much less to deal with overall when there are fewer people invited. It means that you can unwind and really savor the day in a more intimate setting. Because nobody wants to feel uneasy on their big day as they go down the aisle.

More intimate Setting

With larger events, the special meaning behind the day can end up lost. To ensure that the focus stays where it should be, on you and your partner, and your love for one another, youíll want to opt for a micro wedding. You will be able to spend more time with each individual you have invited than the typical three to five minutes per person associated with larger weddings since it is a romantic, small-scale ceremony and celebration. This intimate setting also allows for a much better flow throughout the day, since there isnít as much to worry about.

Micro Wedding Cons

Despite the positive aspects that come with a micro wedding, there are still a few drawbacks that you should be aware of. Most notably, your guest list will be much smaller than the traditional celebration. Letís go over a few of the reasons why you may want to pass on a micro wedding and look elsewhere.

Smaller Guest List

Going through your friends and family to pick who to invite and who will save gas that day will be one of the most difficult things you’ll have to do. You may think that all you have to do is invite only those close to you. Unfortunately, itís almost never this simple. Thereís always a chance that multiple friends and even some family will have to be taken off the list because of the limited guests and budget restraints that can come with a smaller celebration. Youíll have to tell these people that are expecting an invitation that they, unfortunately, wonít be able to attend the nuptials. This can be difficult, especially if you are a social butterfly and have many groups of friends, and donít want to hurt anyoneís feelings. If thatís the case, a micro wedding probably isnít for you.

Some Feelings May Get Hurt

This goes hand in hand with what we just spoke about. There will undoubtedly be those who feel offended since you won’t be able to invite everyone you’d like to your event. This is simply par for the course that is the micro wedding. Most of your friends and family should understand if you explain to them your reasons for a smaller celebration. But there are always those who will inevitably get their feelings hurt when you tell them they arenít invited. And if you canít see yourself doing this, then a traditional wedding may be a better match for you.


When you attend a traditional wedding, you expect things to be poppiní plain and simple. They typically feature a live band, DJ, or another entertainment source to get those bodies moving on the dancefloor. And, when you decide to forgo the traditional nuptials, youíll more than likely cut your entertainment budget to coincide with other cost adjustments. But, if you donít plan properly, you may end up with an empty dancefloor once the ceremony is over.  And no one wants to see that on their special day. 

Final Thoughts on Micro Weddings

Micro weddings arenít for everyone. Some people simply must have a huge, extravagant event with hundreds of friends and family that costs an exorbitant amount of money. And thatís fine if it makes them happy and works for them. For those who donít want or need a big, traditional wedding, a micro wedding in an intimate setting with a minimal amount of guests is a fantastic alternative that many will love.

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