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6 Things to Consider when Booking a Wedding Venue

How to Find Your Ideal Venue

What is your wedding venue budget?

Your budget will be a large focus as you plan your big day. Prior to considering venues, you should discuss what you plan to spend on your entire wedding including clothes, food, alcohol, flowers, photographer, cake and more. In most cases, booking the venue, catering, and bar service will take up the majority of your budget. If you’re trying to keep things cost-effective, look for affordable wedding venue pricing that matches your budget

What theme do you want for your wedding?

Thinking about your wedding style will help narrow your focus when selecting a venue. Some things to think about: elegant, modern, industrial, historic, rustic, garden, unique and barn are popular styles.

What is included in the venue price?

When comparing wedding venues to book, it’s important to note it’s not like comparing apples to apples. Some venues are all inclusive, some are venue only, and some are somewhere in between. What “extras” do you get when you book with a particular place?

At Cotton Gin No. 116 we offer a variety of “extras” that you won’t find most places including a décor closet, yard games, backdrop pieces, online planning tool, and more.

How many in your guest count?

Chairs set up with the wedding ring in front at Cotton Gin No. 116.

Guest count is important and can narrow your venue options to ensure you focus on venues that can accommodate your guest size comfortably. Make sure the accommodations will be enjoyable for your guests too – no one wants to be in someone else’s space, especially when they may not know each other. Your wedding is an experience for them too, make sure it will be an enjoyable one.

What is your rain/bad weather plan?

A couple on their wedding day getting caught in the rain and needing an umbrella.

Does the venue have a back up plan in the event of inclement weather if your ceremony and/or reception will be held outside? A lot of venues don’t have the ability to make this accommodation and you don’t want to miss out on your dream wedding because of bad weather. No one can predict the weather, especially months out when you book the venue, but having a plan in the event of bad weather will make for a much more smooth day.

At our wedding venue, we have the ability to host ceremonies and receptions in multiple locations and discuss our inclement plan with our couples prior to their day so that in the event there is a turn in the weather, there is no last minute panic of what to do.

Are staff onsite throughout your rental period?

Some venues unlock the door and hand you the keys, while others have dedicated staff onsite to support you throughout your day. Make sure you clarify prior to booking what happens at your venue. No one wants the surprise of finding out that there is no one there to stock the bathrooms when the toilet paper runs out.

At Cotton Gin No. 116 dedicated staff is onsite throughout your rental period to ensure that any issues that may arise during an event with the venue (ie clogged toilets, or loss of power) are handled by our professional staff so that you can focus on enjoying your day.

What are the rules with vendors?

Be sure to ask if the venue has a rule on vendors they allow in their venue. Some venues have exclusive lists and you are required to use vendors off of that list, others have suggested lists and allow you to bring in vendors of your choice. If you have your heart set on a specific caterer, wedding photographer or coordinator make sure to ask if they are on the approved list before booking a venue that requires specific vendors.

At Cotton Gin No. 116 we offer our clients the flexibility of selecting off of a suggested vendor list or bringing in vendors that they prefer to work with, with the exception of bar service. All bar service must be done by a prior approved TABC bartender.

Book a Wedding Venue Near Katy, TX

Cotton Gin No. 116 is dedicated to ensuring that our clients and their guests have a wonderful experience while visiting our venue. We offer a number of items in our pricing that take away the stress of planning your big day so you can focus on enjoying it. Please email us or fill out a form to book a tour and learn more about our historic, affordable, and unique wedding venue near Katy, TX. We hope to be a part of your special day.

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