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Should You Hire a Wedding Coordinator/Planner?

Youre putting your budget together, youre trying to decide what is important, what you can do without. And youre probably wondering, should I hire a wedding coordinator/planner?

Well. Maybe.

There are a lot of things that need to be done the day of your ceremony and A LOT of decisions. Plus things that need to be done in the days, weeks, and months leading up to your ceremony.  Weve worked with couples that have them, and weve worked with couples that dont.  AND weve worked with different coordinators with different levels of involvement over the past few years. 

Heres Our Take on When to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

DO Hire a wedding coordinator if youre not detail oriented, or have someone in your party/family that is.  When we say details we mean have you thought about:

  • How youre getting to the venue and what to do with your car if youre leaving by another vehicle
  • Read and review contracts and stay on top of payment plans for all the different vendors
  • Deadline oriented so that you can select your cake, food, schedule photos, floor plan etc.
  • Can you remember all the payments, tips & needs on the event day and have them delegated in time so you can enjoy the show? (In addition to the payments needed ahead of time)
  • Do you know how the venue is going to be decorated while youre getting ready (who is doing this, do they know what the vision is like?)
  • The list goes on.

Do NOT hire a wedding coordinator if:

  • Your venue handles this
  • Youre confident that a family member/friend can carry the responsibilities

There are many types of wedding coordinator/planners.  Youll need to consider if you need a full-service planner that helps you from date of hire through the conclusion of your reception or if you just need Day-Of coordination help with the details on event day.  Well have more on how to select a coordinator in another post.

Fun Fact:

Cotton Gin 116 has an online planning tool provided to all couples when they book.  This is meant to assist when a Coordinator isnt in the budget by providing our staff with details to help, including behind the scenes coordination with vendors and other details leading up to, and on, your special day. 

Were not saying dont hire a coordinator, we definitely think there is value there, but consider if the venue that youre booking with has staff on site that might overlap with these responsibilities allowing you to save a little bit in your budget for other things.  (Hint: maybe just a day of coordinator is best)

You can download our wedding venue checklist to easily keep track of the offerings at various venues you tour.

Pro tip: Be sure to consult with your venue prior to booking your coordinator.  As venue operators, they have certainly worked with many coordinators and all arent made alike.  Weve been in situations where coordinators didnt show up or communicate with couples in the days leading up to their ceremony.  No one want unnecessary last-minute stress around their big day, and venues can point you in the direction of coordinators and planners who are RELIABLE because at the end of the day if youve put all your eggs in their basket, they MUST show up!

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