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The 4 Fs of Weddings: Food

Let’s talk about FOOD

The venue, food, and beverage costs usually make up a predominant part of your wedding day budget.  Keep this in mind when you put together your overall budget as you look for areas to save.

So, what does it take to feed 100-150+ guests?  EXPERIENCE. Trust us, you dont want to bypass experience in this area.  Your guests will remember the food!

Questions to ask your venue:

  1. Do you allow outside catering?
  2. Do you allow BYO catering or is a licensed and insured caterer required?
  3. What facilities does the caterer have to prepare?
  4. Do you charge an additional fee for outside catering?
  5. Do you have restrictions on who can caterer at your venue?
  6. Are buffets allowed?
  7. Is there a separate area that the bride a groom can eat prior to joining the reception (if desired)?
  8. Will the catering load-in/load-out disrupt the reception?

Planning Food for Your Wedding

Most importantly, think about the type of food and your expectations as far as food delivery (buffet, plated, disposable, glass, etc.), and be sure to communicate this to either venue, if its all inclusive, or the caterers.

Many restaurants offer catering services, be sure to ask if they have enough extra staff to accommodate servers for your event day.  Even buffets need service. 

Its always a good idea to request that a take home meal be prepared for the two of you that can be placed in your getaway car so that you can be sure to enjoy the food, in the event you didnt get a chance during the night.  You are after all the stars of the show, and sometimes it can be hard to get a good meal in all day. 

At the Cotton Gin, we encourage our couples to take a private moment after the ceremony to soak it all in and grab a bite to.  Many couples forget to eat throughout the day with all the activities of preparing for the ceremony and reception.  Take the quiet opportunity to have your first meal as a couple and enjoy it!  The rest of the night will be sure to be full of fun!

*At the Cotton Gin we do allow our couples to choose licensed and insured caterers either from our list or specifically chosen by the couple whether they prefer buffet or plated meal service.  We do not charge additional fees for outside caterers.  We havent met one caterer yet that doesnt LOVE our large catering kitchen with appliances for use, plenty of counterspace, and a huge ice machine, and its separate from the reception space so no interference during load-in/load-out. 

Special thanks to Endless Exposures Photography.

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