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How to Get Married During Coronavirus

Is a Wedding Even Possible with COVD-19?

Listen, there is a global pandemic going on, so the safest place is to remain at home. We’re not recommending large guest list “grand” weddings which could cause additional spreading of the virus. Everyone’s situation is different though and in certain settings, having a wedding that follows safety guidelines may be possible and you can get married during coronavirus. You’ll have to forgo a large gathering, so if that’s one thing you don’t want to do, rescheduling might be the better option.

No question that a lot of couples have been affected by COVID-19, some losing their deposits entirely when their situation forces a reschedule. It makes sense that brides to be (and grooms) would look for affordable options to best fulfill their dream wedding in the future.

Find a Socially Distanced Wedding Venue

If you’re ready to get married and feel comfortable with the current situation in your region, the first step to getting married during the coronavirus pandemic is finding a wedding venue capable of providing a socially distanced ceremony and reception.

Chairs set up with the wedding ring in front at Cotton Gin No. 116.

What does that entail exactly?

The ideal setting would include both indoor and outdoor settings with ample space, which is something you’ll find at a wedding venue in Brookshire, TX. Along with that, you’ll want to visit the venues that top your list to personally review their sanitation methods. If you find a venue that meets those requirements and decide to move forward, you’ll likely need to cut down your guest list to comply with updated capacity guidelines.

The Ideal Venue Indoor and Outdoor

By securing a venue that has an indoor location and considerable outdoor space, you’re opening up more options for ceremony and reception.

An indoor setting that can accommodate a spacious flow pattern makes social distancing easier. Think along the lines of a large barn venue or grand hall that vaulted ceilings. If you’re concerned that the venue doesn’t have an air purifier to provide for the indoor space, and it is likely that most won’t consider renting one yourself.

The outdoor environment (larger the better) is to provide an open are for socializing 6 feet apart with ease. A location with a field or grassy area is what you’re looking for. But the indoor space ensures there is an alternative in the event of inclement weather springing up out of nowhere.

Following all Sanitization Guidelines

As everyone is still learning about this virus, the safety procedures and sanitation guidelines may change in the future.

When arranging a tour, consider the following questions to assess how they’re handling the situation.

  • Does your venue require guests wear a mask?
  • Will the staff be wearing masks?
  • Are there hand sanitizing stations available throughout?
  • Will the caters be wearing face shields?

If the venue is acting responsibly and you like the responses that you’re getting, then consider taking a tour. You can even request a virtual tour – not every venue may be able to accommodate, but in this day and age, a simple video chat walk through might you help visualize the layout. This is a great opportunity to determine if the venue you’re considering is willing to go the extra mile for you. A high level of customer service can go a long way, it is supposed to be one of the greatest days/nights of your life after all.

Half Capacity Wedding Ceremony

If you’re already planning on a smaller scale wedding ceremony, then COVID-19 may not have altered your original plans too much. With social distance requirements in place, it’s certainly easier spread out 50 than 150+ guests at a wedding venue.

To avoid people congregating before the ceremony begins, provide directions to be seated upon arrival. Perhaps even have someone on hand to direct people to their seats, while staying 6 feet apart of course.

And talk with your venue about alternative seating options that can provide views from multiple angles. Think about it like an arena concert with a 360° view of the stage instead of everyone viewing from one side. If you want to get married and keep your guests safe, you’ll have to great creative with some aspects.

Social Distancing for a Wedding Reception

With the whole point of weddings to be a social gather of good times, you’re probably wondering if a wedding reception during this time can even be fun. Remember, we’re not pushing for a “packed house” marriage so if you don’t enjoy small get togethers, rescheduling is likely your best option.

Ideally the reception would take place outdoors since this is when people will be socially interacting with each other and providing disposable masks would mean no excuses not to wear one. Aim for a larger than usual dance floor to provide enough space for everyone to get down. Though it’s hard to get people dancing, so consider some games such as bean bag toss or washers to keep people entertained and talking but still far enough apart.

Have a Virtual Wedding Ceremony during COVID

Just don’t want to wait any longer? If you’re ready to tie the knot and a grand ceremony was never part of your plan, consider livestreaming a virtual wedding ceremony during the COVID pandemic. Then you could postpone the reception until a large party can happen. It may be a while before that’s possible though and having a ceremony and reception in a different year altogether might feel right. That being said, you could livestream the ceremony now and then do a “reenactment” of sorts prior to the reception at a later date.

Conclusion on Getting Married During Coronavirus

For the safety of others, a big get together is certainly not recommended at this time. If you’re moving forward and get married during coronavirus, go small scale, a much as half capacity depending on the site layout. Find a venue with very stringent cleaning standards to ensure they’re following the CDC advised sanitation guidelines.  And if you’re ready to tie the knot but simply cannot wait, consider livestreaming an online ceremony with a delayed reception.

The love you share means more than anything, so we understand that you want your friends and family to be a part of it. Doing so responsibly will help protect everyone you care about. If you have any questions, give us a call at Cotton Gin No. 116 in Brookshire, TX and we’ll help you navigate the local requirements.

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